Golden States 5th Championship Appearance In A Row, And All We Do Is Complain

The Golden State Worriers are on their way into the 5th consecutive championship, cue the loud groans from the rest of the NBA world. Come to think of it I was one of those fans letting out a loud sigh of fatigue, from seeing the same damn thing 5 years in a row. As I looked around the room to see the mutual signs of eye rolls and uninterested fans, I couldn’t help but thinking that deep down I was rooting for Golden State to come back and beat Portland in game 4. Think about it, most of us probably felt that way, we get on social media and complain about how dull the NBA has become while simultaneously watching one of the greatest teams in the history of the sport accomplish unheard of achievements.

The thing is, how dull is it really? There were hard fouls not being called, Draymond Green was running full speed up and down the court without a second to spare and Steph Curry never came out in the 2nd half. The more I thought, the more I enjoyed watching this team. They had this ultimate competitive nature, so much so that they are never counted out of a game even when things aren’t going their way. Shots aren’t falling, refs aren’t calling any hard fouls when you dribble drive, your best player is out with an injury and you’re down 15 points? That’s enough to make any team fall further down the rabbit hole of frustration and lose the game. Not the Warriors, they were unfazed and never questioned a thing, they kept playing their way until that 15 point deficit became a tied game and later became a win. The great ones adjust and I can honestly say i’ve never seen a team adjust so well to the flow of a game and the environment around them than Golden State.

It’s funny to see how quickly fans of the sports world go from cheering on the next new thing, the underdogs, but the second that underdog wins too much, those cheers become hatred. Plain and simple the world just doesn’t like winners it’s always how its been, and I get that. Complaining about the NBA for being a joke, has almost in a sense become it’s own joke and it’s getting old. While the majority of fans will point to the lack of defense and the obsession of throwing up as many 3’s as possible they fail to understand that it’s not the leagues fault that Golden State continues their dominance. Point to the guy that says “super teams ruined the NBA” as if the majority of the 80’s wasn’t exclusively Boston vs LA. Yet the rules, the guidelines of salary caps and draft lottos arguably makes it the most even playing ground ever and even with that, no one can stop Golden State. I want to sit here and criticize the NBA and Golden State for running the league, I’m more of a hockey guy anyways. If I had a nickel every time that I said “The NHL Playoffs are so much better than the NBA Playoffs” I’d have enough money to sign Durant to an extension. The thing is, watching Golden State play I feel like our grand children’s grand children will be reading about this team as if they were assembled by god himself, the only untouchable team to have ever lived. They will be forever immortalized as the best, and we complain that they are getting boring. We’re taking watching the best basketball ever played by 5 players at a time in the history of civilization for granted, take a step back and appreciate the greatness. Otherwise you’ll be watching James Harden travel and complain his way into a NBA championship and you’ll be reminiscing about the good ol’ days of basketball dominance.

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