Marijuana In The NFL. The NFL Needs To Stop Testing For Weed

The age old debate rages on about the NFL’s substance abuse policy, specifically their stance on the usage of marijuana. This is a topic that’s been heating up for years and years now as many current and retired athletes have admitted to smoking weed during their time as an NFL pro. This juicy debated on Marijuana vs the NFL got reignited when recently retired defensive end Chris Long admitted on The Dan Patrick Show that “he’s enjoyed his fair share on a regular bias throughout his career” when talking about the usage of marijuana.

This shouldn’t be looked at as shocking news to most as Chris Long has been a big advocate of medical marijuana throughout most of his career. Turns out it was a huge deal, every single nationally syndicated media site jumped all over the fact the Chris Long basically admitted to smoked weed his entire career and got away with it. It became more and more of an issue of Chris Long defending his own personal usage of marijuana and not at all about what he tried to say in the interview. Chris brings up a huge point that was missed by many, if the NFL really cared to stop players from smoking weed they would test throughout the year and not just once before mini camp.

A huge problem that’s faced the NFL for years now is how players cope with pain management, football at the pro level is rough on the body and players need ways to help them cope with the pain over the course of a season. Popping opioids and taking Toradol has been the standardized procedure for all NFL players, and with the frequency that it’s used now it’s safe to say finding a healthier alternative should be a no-brainer.

That’s were weed can come into play. Look, it’s no secret that marijuana is a healthy alternative than damn near anything (Alcohol, Tobacco, Pain killers, etc.) and if you don’t think so than you simply haven’t done your research yet. If the players wanted to find ways to use marijuana for pain management they should be allow to do so freely. Obviously I’m not suggesting that players should be lighting up blunts in the locker room right before a game, thats so stupid, and if the nay sayers of marijuana think thats what will happen if it’s not tested for, there are sadly arrogant. After the wear and tear of a game NFL players could look into natural occurring CBD oils from marijuana for the inflammation instead of popping Vicodin till the pain goes away.

Look, the NFL’s drug testing policy is clearly a joke every player knows when their test is, and plans accordingly. 15 States have already decriminalized the plant, and the number is growing every year there is obviously some momentum behind the benefits it can provide. NFL players get busted for caring loaded guns into clubs while being wasted yet we sit here and criticize the ones that think smoking weed and staying home is a better and safer alternative. The NFL just needs to drop marijuana from the banned substance list altogether, it’s 2019 and it’s time to look at alternative ways players can handle the pain and strain of a NFL season.

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